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Kudos to Breitbart, if liberals want to mire the culture in filth then they should OWN IT!

So, this is an ad for the brand...spankin' Breitbart California...

And it's awesome...

If you don't recognize the pose Pelosi was photoshopped into it's from the time Miley Cyrus (liberal) "twerked" on stage at the MTV video music awards last fall(?)

Democrats such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz are complaining that this is "foul, offensive, and disrespectful to all women."

Wait a sec...WAIT. A. SEC!!!!!

I thought this stuff EMPOWERED women! Have we already forgotten Duke freshmeat...err...freshman (both as a student and in porn), Belle Knox?!?

Isn't it logical to conclude that Breitbart didn't empower Pelosi enough? After all, if they really wanted to do justice to the most powerful woman to ever grace Congress they could've empowered her the same way liberals empowered S.E. Cupp by photoshopping her into porn. (Don't worry, the link takes you to The Blaze, it's safe)

The left can find the Breitbart graphic offensive if they want, but only because it's actually a mirror being held up to them, and they should be themselves.

Now this, by me in 2012, is disrespectful...and it was intended that way. She deserves none.