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Liberalism in one minute: Faux intellect, wrapped in ignorance, and doused in group think.

This is a post that is out of the norm for TLS, but I have to do it...

This post is about liberalism's (lack of) intelligence, but before going forward I should qualify that I only think they're stupid in matters of politics and the ways of the world. Liberals have made brilliant artists, musicians, actors, yadda yadda yadda. I know some (even many) liberals who could school me all day long in certain subject matters, nobody is all-knowing, even if they think they are.

That said, anytime I find out someone I know who isn't particularly political (to my knowledge) claims to be a fan of NPR I always get highly suspicious.

Like law enforcement flashing a badge, liberals think invoking NPR forces people to assume a level of intellectual authority that implies above-average intelligence at a minimum, if not sheer genius.

They think that because they've been made to believe liberalism is the ideology religion of superior intellect. Given they never allow it to be challenged. The only reason I can image they feel this way is that it gets put on a pedestal for other liberals to admire (they think, but really all the other liberals are keeping an eye on THEIR OWN intelligence they've put on a pedestal), as if public discourse is like an art museum. The absolute only interaction one is allowed to have with it is to look at it.

They can't touch it.

They can't take flash photos of it.

And they sure as hell can't question the motivations and intentions of its creator. (that should be reserved to the God they don't believe in)

They must think that if pristine condition is a mark of superiority for, say, a car, then why not for the human brain? (Who wants all that pretty pink stuff to turn into gray matter? YUCK!)

Why am I saying all of this, because this is one minute of NPR golden goodness is liberalism stripped to its very foundation...

THE GIRL DIDN'T KNOW WHO NELSON MANDELA WAS!!! Yet, she was compelled, COMPELLED, to call a radio show and talk about him! Hell, she probably thinks South Africa is a conference in the NBA.

Do all liberals think what this girl thought about Mandela? Of course not, obviously. Conservatives don't paint with the same broad brush they do. Every liberal is its own snowflake of stupid.

Some think Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house (she didn't, Saturday Night Live did).

Other's think George W. Bush says words like "strategery" (he never has, SNL again).

Others think the Constitution guarantees a right to fight for what we "deserve," and condoms, and internet access.

Back to the girl who loved Morgan Freeman in "He Tricked Us," I mean...hehe..."Invictus," did you detect the solemnity in her voice? Did sense how seriously she took herself?

Then there was the collapse like a house of cards when the host burst her bubble.

If that seems familiar to any of you it's because THAT is what happens every time a liberal debates a conservative. The only difference here is because the host is also liberal she can't pull out the race card and call him a can't even come up with a reason to use the race card. I'm not liberal smart.


What was that Joe?

Ok, thanks!