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The first verdict of the George Zimmerman trial was rendered a long time ago...

Naturally, liberal politics runs a very very close second to this...

On a totally separate note, I admittedly haven't followed this case too much. I don't follow "celebrity" trials because I fear that granting them legitimacy will dilute what real celebrity is.

For instance, if guys like George Zimmerman have their 15 minutes of fame patronized what will eventually happen to the Kardashians?

Eventually Kim will get desperate and commit another crime (against nature) by having another child (not with Kanye West, I'm pretty sure that's against one of the only rules Hollywood a-holes live by) just so we'll give her the kind of attention a "white" trial defendant gets.

Think that's an improbable slippery slope? Ask yourself this, would anyone in that family be upset if the public ever broke out in a riot for them?

So how jealous are they right now?