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Answering (easily) the dishonest and evil rhetoric of pro-abortion protesters

I'm glad the pro-life fight in Texas has given me an opportunity to work on some more pro-life graphics. I constantly feel like I don't devote enough time to cultural issues, which are more important than politics because culture drives politics.

Full disclosure: I don't have a vagina, and I know that disqualifies me in the eyes of liberals from being pro-life...but I am a former fetus...that's probably more relevant.

As silly as that, it actually is a prime example of the ugly underbelly of pro-abortion rhetoric. The one greatest revelation of all the pro-abortion protesting is how ignorant and unintelligent the arguments FOR abortion are.

When you peel back the "keep your laws off my body" and "war on women" bumper stickers you'll find the real lack of moral clarity and logic behind their arguments. It's why they start to demonstrate what being infected with rabies is like when you present any pro-life argument before them.

It's almost as if the pro-abortion movement can be boiled down to one simple statement, "we don't wanna think critically about the creation of life we just wanna f*** and chuck."

Sometimes the best response you can give to evil politics is a simple, unequivocal, unassailable response. Hence the pieces below, as well as here and here....

I hope to do more of them going forward. A culture that demands life be protected is the greatest and only defense from the forces depicted above.