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Five liberal responses to a pro-life graphic that will leave you shaking your head...

I like posting certain images on my Tumblr blog because it allows me to gauge how catchy an image can be, but it also easily ellicits a response from liberals if you use the tags they might frequent (#liberal, #democrat, #uninformed...and other misspelled variations of those three).

In all the hundreds of images I've created (or thousands? Much like the bean counters tallying up Obama's vacation tab, I've lost count) nothing makes so-called "progressive" liberals more angry than graphics that assault the "right" to murder unborn babies. Take this one I posed yesterday:

What I wouldn't give to have a half-way intelligent retort from liberals when it comes to abortion, here's a sampling of the reaction


WARNING: I didn't censor anything, this is liberal intellectualism at it's finest, so the profanity was left intact.


(From someone calling themselves "anti-sexism-raptor") GRRRRRR grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

That definitely puts the "progress" in "progressive."

Holy shit you’re a fucking moron. ‘Scissor hands?’ Really? Do you even know what that symbol is? If you don’t you’re a bigger idiot than I fucking thought.

Is it redundant to say their use of the f-bomb is gratuitous?

holy shit this makes me sick. holding up 2 fingers was the way to signal voting no. gfto with your shitty propaganda

A graphic makes them sick, but the procedure they're fighting tooth and nail to preserve doesn't?

Not to mention scissors have no place in abortion-talks.

Two words (gotta keep it short so liberals can count along): Kermit Gosnell

I love the off-red splatter across the bottom half of this. I guess it’s supposed to be the spilled blood of a holocaust’s worth of murdered babies or something equally insulting and ridiculous, right? Scissor hands, lawdy. Things like this show just how out of touch the pro-life movement is with reality/other people. Fantastic.

"(A) holocausts worth of murdered babies or something equally insulting..." Try 8 holocausts worth of dead babies and America alone (too bad history and math don't mix with liberal, they'll figure out how to spell "Benghazi" before they "get it" on that one).

That's all I could gather, it seems some of my detractors began "ignoring" me (Tumblr speak for "blocked") before I could collect other examples.