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In The 50's We Had "I Like Ike", In 2012 "Mitt Is It"

The slogan's not new (the first part), but the idea of this image popped in my head randomly, so I made it...

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Apple Has iPhone, Now Liberals Have The O-Phone

Don't know who made this, will update with a link to them if I ever find out.

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For Obama It's Good To Be King

If what you reign over was what you were going for...

From AfterMath.

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YOLO + Obama = Disaster For America

For the uninitiated, YOLO =  You Only Live Once. It's an internet meme that probably started off with good intentions about seizing the day, but degenerated into jackassery...

Not unlike all things liberal.





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America Is A Canary And This Election Is A Coal Mine...

And I really hope Michael Ramirez is wrong with this cartoon.

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Obama's Reelection Isn't Just Bad News For America...

This joke has a few versions, here's my take...

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