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Is The DNC Getting In Bed With Radical Islam?

Get the shocking (or maybe not) story from Breeanne Howe at Red State and Doug Ross.

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The Window To Obama's Soul

Another unfortunate, unphotoshoped, photo of Obama, from Reuters of all places...

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Don't Let Obama Kiss Your Baby!

From LMAObama

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In A World With A Liberal Media, Todd Akin Should Step Aside

I say that with a heavy heart, but we NEED to win the Senate, Missouri was supposed to be easy, this guy makes sure it isn't...

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The GOP House vs. The Democratic Senate By The Numbers

From RightChange

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Dear Democrats, Dr. Paul Ryan Will See You Know...

A piece I made back when his "Path to Prosperity" was starting to make headlines.

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Liberals' Attitude On Political Debates On Social Networks In A Nutshell

This is funny because it's pretty much true, not just on Facebook, but also Twitter. I've had liberals tweet to me, and before I could even respond they block me.

They're not just cowards when it comes to national security...

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This Definition Of Entitlement Reform Is Sure To Enrage Liberals...

Not defending what Todd Akin said...just making lemonade out of lemons...

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Regretting Christine O'Donnell...

A friend, Gordon Gebert, came up with an idea to make a reality show a la Big Brother, but with Tea Party and Occupy Supporters. He shared this idea with me, and others, months ago, receiving nothing but good feedback, because it's a great idea.

He worked to raise funds for it (and to prove my belief in it I pitched in a few bucks and did my best to spread the word).

Now, Christine "I'm not a witch but thanks Delaware conservatives for blowing the senate race" O'Donnell is stealing the idea...

Get the story here.

P.S. I owe Karl Rove an apology

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Biden's Cone Of Silence

From iOwnTheWorld

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