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Is The Liberal Position On The Debt Insane?

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Do you recall what George Bush’s final deficit was?  It was loudly decried as a “record-breaking” figure in the mainstream press, and it was indeed far too high.  The amount was about $458 billion.  Barack Obama racks up that much debt in three months.  What sort of political “courage” can be found in a deal that trims a few hundred billion a year, and still leaves him with double the “record-breaking” deficits of his predecessor?.....

Insanity, as defined by Albert Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results.  The President himself just said, before one of the last few friendly audiences his handlers could cobble together for him, that “every Democratic and Republican president” has tried the same thing he wants to try again… and yet, our insolvent sham of a government is about to slam into a debt ceiling 14.3 trillion dollars high.

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For a while I got it, Democrats were just being Democrats, but at this point shouldn't their conscience kick in?

What makes them think when they wake up in the morning that they will be able to preserve the welfare state that sucks up more than half of our budget?

Our debt is about $8 trillion more than when George W. Bush took office. Even without the wars (about 1.3 trillion over ten years) and tax cut (about 2.8 trillion, if you accept the notion they "cost" revenue) our debt still would have risen by somewhere between $3-4 trillion.

That's the legacy of liberal Democrat babies The New Screw Deal and Great Society You Lied To Me.

Continuing to ignore that entitlements are prime perpetrator of the impending fiscal armageddon is indeed pure insanity. Either that or the Democrats are so full of pride that they'll stop at nothing to make sure their sole justification of having a role in government survives (because it ain't national security).

Why would they do that? Other than a myopic lust for power I couldn't begin to answer that question.