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A Shovel Ready Job Obama Opposed?

That, and more from today's Newsbusted.

I've heard of the remake Jodi was talking about!!!

I actually just recently had a conversation with my wife about Welcome Back Kotter. She thought the title was "Carter." I only knew it wasn't because Gabe Kaplan was going to perform at a performing arts theatre I worked for years ago, and I learned about him when I was making the marketing materials for the show.

Obviously, we're not children of the 70's. I say that with as much longing as my daughter will lament that she has no recollection of Obama's presidency because she was barely 2 years old when he was dutifully replaced.

If you're offended by that because you thought the 70's were awesome, relax, it's just my opinion. So untwist your bell bottoms and go buy some real pants.

I wonder how many people who were around to vote for Carter actually voted for Obama. Those Charlie Browns must have the kind of PTSD that gives them seizures every time they watch football and see an attempt at a field goal by now.

h/t ThoseShirts for the image