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Two Things We Learned From The Worsening Jobs Numbers

There are a couple of things we can glean from the latest jobs numbers...

  1. The old media must've started consuming more conservative new media, because not once did the New York Times say the numbers were "unexpected" or "surprising." They must know we've been calling them out on it, because you can only be surprised so many times before that kind of news puts you to sleep reading it after submitting a dozen resume's on Craigslist to employers who want 10 years of experience and will pay you a dollar an hour for each year you have under your belt.

    They did use "stunned" because oil prices went down = more jobs when you're an economist that hasn't seen the outside of a school in a long time. Granted, I was the exception to the rule that 30 cents a gallon less in gas did allow me to hire someone full time, with benefits, to watch my paychecks to them bounce so hard gravity said "ouch."

    Turns out lower gas prices didn't prevent me from overextending my efficacy to employ. If I held a phD in economics this would stun me.

  2. Plouffe! BE GONE!
  3. One of Obama's top guys, David Plouffe, said that unemployment wont be a factor in Obama's reelection. Romney says that he would've fired the guy for saying that.

    Pssh...Mormons...that's not even a real polical party. Can I get a hell yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi from my Libslamists?

    So jobs will have nothing to do with Obama losing next year, its nice to know the presidents coaches employ little league psychology in the Oval Office. Gold star sticker makers must be really hoping for an uptick in kids being potty trained, because the recession is going to hit them really hard if when Obama loses.