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The Greatest (And Most Overlooked) Global Warming Deniers Of Them All

Liberals have spent so much time worry about global warming deniers on the right that they forgot to keep an eye on the most powerful deniers of all, thermometers.

The National Academy of Sciences recently published a paper explaining why Al Gore's hypocrisy is a dish best served hot. Apparently, global warming needs all the help it can get, because in the last decade there really hasn't been any change in the climate.

Isn't it funny what liberals decide they want to effect change on? The federal deficit needs more taxes like Obama needs another tee time, and they can't even raise enough to cover it, but they are in complete denial of the need to fundamentally reform entitlements.

Meanwhile they think Mother Nature can be controlled like the....knobs on her chest....are controls to a big thermostat.

It's not conservatives that liberals should be worried about when it comes to "denying" climate change. It's the science they so ardently defend with religious zeal, and claim the right is at war with.

If conservatives seem to be at war with science then I'll spell out what is really happening...F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y F-I-R-E

I've never understood the debate over whether or not climate change is happening. I've always been more interested in whether or not it's actually bad...

Maybe global warming sucked for woolly mammoths, but it ain't good enough to heat Al Gore's pool. So if you really want to keep count, Gore's chicken little attitude toward his life's work would make him very close second to "science" in the race to deny it's seriousness.

Conservatives aren't even a distant third here, we're more like critical spectators sitting in the bleachers.


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