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Some Truth About Fox News Viewers, For Jon Stewart's Misinformation

It's fairly well known by now how Jon Stewart gave a big hug to Fox News viewers with the following...

So he huffed, and he puffed, but did he blow the house down?

If the Fox News response to this (here) isn't convincing enough then today Politifact, not exactly a lapdog for the right,

They rated his claim "false," which according to their rating system, leaves no room deference to Stewart that he is even a little right.

He's a sharp guy, very, a hot knife to Biden's brain sharp. So I'll soften how wrong he is by using Jonny's own scapegoat...he's just a comedian. That's what he says every time somenone tries to hold him accountable for the bent he takes with his own work. He's just a comedian, therefore he deserves no credibility.

As someone cut from the same cloth, but on the other side (and on a MUCH smaller scale), I say a broken shot glass holds more water than that excuse.

Humor only works if it lives in truth. So it's impossible to not give someone who is successful at making people laugh at the news credibility, because it has to be laced with opinion and commentary that lives in reality (or rather, the reality that a certain political point of view provides), and it rises in people's consciousness because it's being presented to them in a fresh way that they probably would never see it otherwise.

He thinks he gets that credibility because the news media fails to do their job and that he's being sucked up in some kind of vacuum, as opposed to it being a reflection how seldom his viewers probably consume other media. For them, when "The Daily Show" is on it's time to watch the news.

For Stewart to say he is only trying to entertain people is something that Politifact could award their lowest rating, "pants on fire."