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A New Idea To Help Liberals Understand Fixing The Economy

To avoid any sense of accountability for being abject failures there's a meme liberals have been pushing that GOP solutions to our problems aren't fresh enough...

(Regarding the GOP debate in New Hampshire) The 2012 GOP presidential field on display Monday offered not one idea about how to solve the problems facing our country that didn’t boil down to cutting taxes, slashing regulation or eliminating large swaths of government.

More from E.J. Dionne Jr. (that's the suffix for his name, not his intellectual designation...confusing, I know) here

To impair the soundness, perfection, or integrity of; spoil.

This is interesting coming from a party that pontificates from a soap box they pulled from the ash heap formerly known as the Soviet Union. Liberals think that if they package Marxism using different buzz words and phrases that the ideas are somehow "new" and "fresh." To the contrary, all liberalism ever does is put the "mar" in Marxist.

As irritating as all that is, that's not even my real beef with this line of thinking. It's the lunacy that the "old" and "tired" solution to a sluggish economy is "cutting taxes" and "slashing regulation."

Instead of obsessing over new ideas (or faking them in their case) why don't liberals obsess over what actually works? Arguing for hiking taxes, ramming cost-of-business-hiking regulation, and blowing up a credit balloon that is maxed out with more spending isn't stimulus any economy can believe in.

If that is what is ailing the country then it's only logical to conclude that the opposite of those things would help it. If liberals are unwilling to admit this then I think it's time for them to come clean about their religious devotion to the power of lipstick for pigs.

Business doesn't operate best on what the latest fad that gets liberals in a tizzy shopping at Whole Foods, waterless toilets, or the president's they elect.

Business models may change, but the concept of fostering conditions where capital can be amassed and profits can be kept as a recipe for prosperity is as true as it is old. If liberals want to spin their wheels trying to change the unchangeable they should perhaps divert their energy to figuring out what else 2+2 could equal.

I would love to be able to say they do understand all of this and are just being contrarian, but if that were the case we'd all be Republicans wouldn't we? Then who would the dead brain cells of the American electorate vote for?

New doesn't always equal better, pioneers didn't rely on NEW buffalo chips to fuel their campfires. When Biden offered a NEW perspective on history, FDR was president and TV existed in the 20's without a time machine. When disaster strikes in this country it's a NEW reason for Obama to go on vacation.

"New" works for babies, food, iPods and Twitter alias's for Anthony Weiner...not for economies.

That said, I have a new idea for how to help get jolt the more new ideas!