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So Is Obama a War Criminal Now, Or What?

The Obama Administration says the War Powers Act doesn't apply to Libya because bombing and blowing up a country until its leader is deposed doesn't constitute engaging in "hostilities."

Somewhere in the afterlife George Orwell is either blushing, or this was the tipping point that finally gave him his wings.

I don't need to tell anyone that if Obama were a Republican Cindy Sheehan would be staging topless protests in front of the White House right now. Let that sink in for a second.....let me rephrase that.....clean the vomit off your screen, and let that sink in for a second.

Liberals in this country are preparing to line a billion dollar warchest so they can go to battle for their guy against a challenger that comes from "the party of the rich." At this point we all can agree that the real and only reason he won the Nobel Peace Prize was that the air he exhaled brought peace to second hand smoke addicts.

Now he engages in a military conflict (some are even willing to call it a war) in the real sense of the term "unilaterally." He thumbs his nose at Congress over it so hard so hard that his boogers are now victims of friendly fire, and liberals who think Bush should be strung up for Iraq will think it's the end of the world if this guy doesn't get reelected.

If Bush is a war criminal to these people without being able to credibly point to any specific law that was actually violated, then how is this not worse?