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Palin's Emails Reveal The Bankruptcy of Liberalism's Pursuit of Truth

Years ago I was able to score tickets to see a "debate" between Ann Coulter and Al Franken before he went from attempting jokes to becoming one in the Senate. I wish I could say it was more intellectually stimulating than watching Biden and Debbie Wasserman Schultz wax philosophic about the sexual innuendo derived from Obama "turning the economy around."

Truth be told it was a fairly mundane event, Coulter made a lot of good points and Franken cracked jokes that insinuated Coulter was a whore (which was her characterization of it, not mine), which was as much as one could expect from someone who was quarterbacking Air America, the Detroit Lions of radio.

One interesting moment of the evening came when Franken said his family was Republican until Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that's when they became disgusted with the entire party beyond reconciliation.

Bemused by how one man could completely transform the Franken family's political proclivities, Coulter countered with the time honored fact that as a percentage of the party more Republicans supported the law than did Democrats. All it got her was a theater full of boos (it was a mostly Jewish audience, in Los Angeles, the deck was stacked against her from the start).

This stunned me, it was historical fact, and it got booed.

I didn't know what to make of that. The liberals who booed her thought she was either wrong, or just making things up. They didn't even begin to consider whether or not she was being honest. That's when the light to really understanding how liberals think flicked on in my head.

To liberals the ends justify the means, period. So they thought Coulter was just trying to "win" the argument. To them, in pursuit of that goal, truth is a coincidence more than it is an objective. They think we operate in the exact same way they do.

That's why liberals, with Weiner roasted by conservatives as his photos burned holes in our smart phones, salivated over the Palin email dump. Somewhere in that pile they just knew she's tweeted her "dick" too, and now was their chance to find it.

Character is what you do when you think nobody is looking. Instead of being a big fat Weiner, liberals found what we've known all along about Palin, that her worst is better than their best.

That's also why they're always forced to boil their actions down to moral equivalence. Conservatives aren't perfect, therefore abortion is moral, drugs should be legal, it's just sex, hide the decline that the planet has a fever (and it's not because of our private jets), and give socialism a chance.

But they can't say any of it like that, they have to hide behind lies and the isolated personal failings of conservatives, so the savaging of Palin's emails was especially disappointing not only because they hate her so much, but because they can't use them to shield the world from the fact that at it's core liberalism is failure, and if it were a god then Barack Obama is it's only begotten son (they were also supposed to help avenge a Weiner in decline).

This election is going to be a fascinating one, Obama's now materialized record can't hide behind his personality like his past could in 2008. So liberals are going to have to manufacture the mother of all whoppers if they want to beat conservative rhetoric next year. Meanwhile, lets hope all the GOP candidates remember the simple fact that the truth will set us free, and keep us free.