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Obama Beats Wall Street Fat Cats Because He Loves Them

So part of the plan to build up Obama's billion dollar war chest is to pump the same rich people he has been demonizing since his inauguration. This time around it's not all roses blooming "communist red" for the president...

...One Democratic financier invited to this month’s dinner, who asked for anonymity because he did not want to anger the White House, said it was ironic that the same president who once criticized bankers as “fat cats” would now invite them to dine at Daniel, where the six-course tasting menu runs to $195 a person.

The donor declined the invitation.

More at The New York Times

I don't blame Obama, he pisses on everthing and thinks it's life giving holy water....

    He pees in water traps so his golf balls will start bouncing off them.

    God jokes that it rains because Obama "missed."

    Am I the only one who thinks the flooding in the south, conservative base of the country, isn't mere coincidence?

    When liberals shed tears for him it's not crying, it's baptism.

    The Chinese has yellow....guess where it comes from...

Why would he not expect to see something green sprout up when he "waters" rich people?

I suppose they'll support him again, the richest will be able to innoculate themselves from being hammered and sickled, so they're not concerned that Obama's dismantling of free enterprise will disrupt the lap of luxury their bottom line sits on. When you're worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars (and more often than not, billions) it's more about being in some cool kid club. At that point your checkbook makes the rules everyone else follows.

To offset those defections, Mr. Obama’s campaign has deployed a corps of loyal Wall Street supporters who have fanned out to defend the president’s record and stoke fatigued donors. 

It's nice to know that no amount of privalege of birth, education, networking, wealth, apparent hard work, more wealth, ego stroking, and offers for the honor to tutor Biden in something (it doesn't matter what), will ever be powerful enough to avoid being a victim of "he beats you because he loves you."