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The Top 10 Weinergate Gaffes

He's starting to crack!

"You know, I can't say with certitude. My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated, pictures can be dropped in and inserted."

See the video at Real Clear Poltiics


10. No way that's me...the underwear isn't loose enough.

9. Two magic words started this whole mess...."prove it."

8. This obsession with whether or not it's me in that picture is a complete distraction from the important issues, like it's attractiveness.

7. I cannot speak on this matter any further pending an investigation into whether or not Playgirl wants to see more.

6. If the picture was scratch and sniff, and smelled like Life-Savers, then you'd have me.

5. To all you right-wingers who think that bulge is mine...flattery will get you nowhere.

4. Whuteva, some gots hoes in different area codes, and I gots hags with different Twitter hashtags.

3. When I say you're an ass, you're an ass. I'm a Weiner...and I KNOW ASS when it's right in front of me.

2. I find it amazingly sexist that nobody is concerned about the 21 year old college boys I follow.

1. All further questions will now be directed to my legal council from the law firm of Gibson and Sheen.