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The Government Has Been Fulfilling It's Post bin Laden Role Beautifully

Was finding Osama bin Laden child's play? Maybe the crack team of national security experts our government employs should ask some undergrad geography students...

College kids at UCLA put their beer bongs down long enough to guess with an almost 90% likelihood that Osama was hunkered down where he was found...and they did it TWO YEARS AGO!

In Obama's speech announcing they got him he said he received intelligence of his whereabouts months ago. So something doesn't smell right.

In fact something about all of this stinks, bad, like Michelle Obama's steamed cabbage for the kids bad.

Either the government knew where he was, but they didn't want to go busting down the door of every the mansion standing in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Or they were two years behind a bunch of college kids who should have counter-terrorism jobs lined up for them the second they graduate.

Is it just me or did anyone else notice how everything turned into a big cluster *@*# the second the Seals passed the ball back to this administration?

    Let's give him a funeral in accordance to how he killed our people Muslim tradition

    Don't release the pictures...release the pictures...what if people photoshop them....what if they tag their friends to it on Facebook, will people know it's not really them?

    If we show the photo then that puts to rest a bunch of conspiracy theories, and how could we possibly keep count then?

    Nobody can divulge the identities of who conducted the raid....ok....good.....wait, JOE DID WHAT?!?....

The military did a fantastic job of taking care of Osama.

Meanwhile, the government has been flawlessly protecting its reputation of incompetence.