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New York's GOP Is Doing A Great Job Keeping The Elephants Away

The Dems picked off a strong GOP seat last night, and they want you to think it was about Medicare?

The Associated Press: Medicare Overhaul Proposal Causing GOP Stress

The New York Times: Democrat Wins GOP Seat; Rebuke Seen To Medicare Plan

Los Angeles Times: Medicare Proposal May Have Cost GOP A House Seat In New York

The Associated Press: Medicare Key To Shocking Dem Win In NY House Race

ABC News: Referendum On Medicare? Democrat Wins Special Election In GOP-Leaning NY-26

CBS: Kathy Hochul's Special Election Triumph Sends Republicans Ominous Medicare Message

h/t Mr. Pinko at iOwnTheWorld

Simple common sense should tell anyone that it would be complete nonsense that a seat that went GOP last fall to the tune of 73% would flip on Medicare. Especially in a Congressional election, one freshman member of congress has about as much clout as Al Gore would in asking the sun to turn it's thermostat up so he can stop looking like a liar.

An overwhelmingly Republican district simply isn't flipping it's vote by 23% on a singular issue that the person elected wont be consequential in deciding. It simply doesn't work that way.

There are two reasons the Democrats picked up NY-26 last night...

  1. Like all politics, it was local. Erick Erickson explains this beautifully at his Red State post here
  2. Simple math

I know liberals think when I say "math" they believe they can solve the equation by taking truth and spinning it like its a plate on a stick....but I'm talking real numbers, not the ones they use to say ObamaCare will reduce the our deficit...

On Tuesday, she captured 47 percent of the vote to Ms. Corwin's 43 percent, according to unofficial results. A Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis, had 9 percent.

From The New York Times

Any idiot can see reason the GOP really lost last night. If the Tea Party didn't have a dog in the fight Corwin would've won if she received even just half of that vote. It would've been WAY closer than last November, but there were other mitigating factors that caused this.

Yes, Medicare is undeniably one of them as Houchul made it an issue and Corwin proved to be apparently quite feckless in her messaging, but all of this makes my point, the liberal media's headlines lyingly suggest this was a one-issue campaign.

I wonder how much they'll be gloating when Houchul will be forced to defend her seat against a Republican candidate that Republican voters in an overwhelmingly Republican district will get to choose, and not some buffoon hand picked by the party elites.

If the New York GOP continues to insist on special election nomination by pigheaded committee can they at least perform some kind of test to make sure the person they pick doesn't completely eff up a slam dunk? I don't care what it is....

    Catch a falling feather

    Count to 1

    Blink their eyes

    Be checked for a pulse

Anything...but please NY GOP, stop selecting candidates for these special elections that are proving they are less qualified for Congress and more qualified to be Vice President.

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A Chat With Obama About His Chances To Win In 2012

Here's satirical conversation about his odds for reelection.

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Code Names For Liberals

More than one person has wanted to call Barack Obama a 'smart alec', and now British police will get the chance to do so without getting reprimanded.

That's because Scotland Yard has tapped the codename 'Chalaque' to refer to the U.S. president for security reasons during his upcoming state visit to the United Kingdom May 24-26.

Indarjit Singh, a Punjabi speaker in the UK who is director of the Network of Sikh Organisations, told the Sunday Times the word 'is sometimes used when we want to denigrate someone who we think is too clever for their own good'.

More at The Daily Mail (via Memeorandum)

What other code names could the Brits give Obama and other liberals? For security purposes...of course...


President Obama: Premature Emmaculation, Czar Czar The-bore, Ceczar Hapless, Liar Woods, Pinko Stinko the BO Pinko, Blight Tard Deodorant, Sloucho Marx


Code names for other liberals...

Joe Biden: Stupid's Arrow, The Ding of England

Michael Moore: The Hefty Lefty, Bovine Intervention, Jaba The Nut

Joy Behar: The Dude (even though Jeff Bridges had better looking hair in that movie)

Harry Reid: The Silver Buffoon, Lame Newton

Nancy Pelosi: Botox Barbie, POP (Paper Over Plastic)

Rahm Emanuel: Master and Commander of F-Poop, Dancin' Queen

John Edwards: Johnny Crappleseed

Hillary Clinton: Cat Blender, The Real Other Woman

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If I Was Obama I Would Want To Be Stuck In 2008 Too

If you're Marty McFly, and you run into President Obama, don't rely on him to tell you when you are...

This signature is from today. New York Magazine has the story here.

But hey, its not like he misspelled P-O-T-A-T-O...and looking at that signature I'll have to give him the benefit of the doubt on his name.

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What's The Difference Believing In Liberalism Over Rapture?

I know there was a lot of mocking and hoopla about the rapture last weekend. Well, I want to say the world mocked this guy, but the news reports and constant chatter about it revealed an uneasy sense of "what if."

Like many, I knew that it was nothing to worry about. So I paid no attention to this quack, Harold Camping, who now is saying he was off by a few months. kidding....this guy should give up "preaching" and become a politician.

All serious Christians knew this guy was full of it...

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
-Mark 13:32

And if the words of Jesus aren't enough, consider that Family Radio, at least in 2009, has assets valued over $100 million in total. Nothing says the end is near better than hoarding paper, right?

In the end kooks like this are ignored by all but a few unlucky dupes, but too many of us who ignore Harold Camping aren't any more enlightened for it. How many broken promises of utopia do we have to hear from liberals before we start treating Washington DC with the same disbelief that we give greedy apocalypse-mongers?

They're essentially doing the same thing. If we don't take (fill in the taxpayer funder boondoggle here) then the sun wont shine again, rainbows will go on strike, Nancy Pelosi will age "gracefully" and Barney Frank may give women a try. It would get THAT bad.

When we see how much of a drain the government becomes to our way of life, and someone like Paul Ryan comes along to address that problem, those same liberals might as well put on a Harold Camping mask when they "argue" it's defense.

It's a win-win for liberal gays, turning ass they can believe in into one big "fruit for all"

How much bigger does government need to grow? How much more debt do we have to incur? How much more money needs to be wasted on bureaucracy? How many times does the welfare state need to be discredited before the nation realizes that the Democratic party should change it's mascot from a donkey to a lemon?

Liberalism has had Harold Camping's track record for 70 years and counting. President Obama has a nasty habit of going on "trips" and vacations during massive natural disasters. Maybe he should finally take a vacation from his ideology.

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Biden Wants You To Keep Him In Mind For 2016

While guys like Bill Kristol are still "waiting for Superman" with the GOP presidential field. Biden is telling Dems to...

Vice President Joe Biden surprised a gathering of donors in Cincinnati last week when he floated the prospect of his succeeding President Barack Obama in the White House.

More at Politico

..."wait for Stuporman"

I know that actually a quite an unspecific request for the Democratic party. Then again, maybe not anymore. This is a guy who blew it two other times running for president, and was chosen to be the VP for his foreign policy credentials <--(name one thing he's done in this department since 1-20-09) to help make Obama look even mildly mature enough to be the top guy.

This guy's primary primary opponent would be his mouth, and we'd have the birth certficate situation all over again, only instead of a piece of paper people would demand proof the guy has a brain in that head of his.

Don't even get me started on his running mate...

And he wants to try again in 2016?!?

iOwnTheWorld has a Biden for President slogan contest going on, check it out and enter your suggestion. I've got humble offerings, including "waiting for Stuporman" and the following:

    No matter how deep Soros's hand goes I'll still say what I want.

    Biden-Tourettes 2016

    Damn, prezident is way harder to spell than VP

    I may be a step down from Obama, but it's a baby step.

    Keep the hop and chainj comin'.

    You'll never see me golf or play basketball because I can't do math

    I'll reduce our dependence of foreign oil by forcing Americans to pump their gas in f**kin' America!

    Make me the first VD to be prez since Bush.

    I put the "ass" in "U ASS A"

    Who wants to get shot with Stupid's arrow?

    Make me the next American Idle

A few of my favorites from iOwnTheWorld:

    Four words: Vote for me!

    Hugs For Plugs! 2012 & 2016

    ” Smarter than the average pear “

    Cleaner and articulater!

    Biden the bullet for America!

    SNL needs me

    Keep on PLUGGING 2016

    Biden 2016: It’s time for America to take a #2!

    I like the Oval Office. No one can tell me to sit in the corner.

    As seen on TV – just like FDR!


See the winners here, the grand prize winner is by far deserving of the distinction...

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It Looks Like Obama Is Having Fun In Ireland

It's his first state visit to Great Britain!!! (yay)

Click the image to view the full size...

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A Chat With Obama About Israel

Here's a semi-satirical take on Obama's problem with Israel.

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Obama Gets Hair Extensions?

Click the image to view the full size...

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What Kind of Ringtones Do Liberals Have?

Newt Gingrich can't catch a break, he recently got caught with "Dancin' Queen" as the ringtone on his phone! Really Newt? Your name, your hair, your marital history, your RINO grazing...those aren't enough to make you look unpresidential?

The silver lining to this is it did make me wonder what ringtones liberal politicians would (or should) have...


Harry Reid: The Village People - "Macho macho man, I want to be a macho man."

Barack Obama: Carly Simon - "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you..."
Men at Work - "Do you come from the land down under?" (no...not Austrailia)

Michelle Obama: Weird Al Yankovich - "Just eat it....Get yourself an egg and beat it, have some more chicken, have some more pie...."

Joe Biden: "A B C D E F G...."

Al Gore: Journey - "Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling" (only during blizzards)

Nancy Pelosi: Lady Gaga - "Can't read my poker face" (she likes it when she gets calls at her Botox "consultations")

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Ludacris - "I've got hoes in different area codes"

Ted Kennedy: The Bangles - "Is this burning an eternal flame?" (yes, he got to keep his phone)

Anthony Weiner: "I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener..."

Charlie "Slumlord" Rangel: Pras and Mya - "Ghetto superstar, that is what you are..."

Barney Frank: Somewhere over the rainbow, is some guy... (its a custom ringtone)

Dennis Kucinich: Radiohead - "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here..."

Bill Clinton: Garth Brooks - "I've got friends in low places"
Jimmy Soul - "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife..."


I know the possibilities are endless with this. Let me know what I missed.

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