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Top 10 Things Obama Is Free To Do Now The Birth Certificate Is Out

Now that the birth certificate has been lifted from his shoulders what can the president tackle next?


10. Even though it has been shown to all, he still needs to read it out loud to the last remaining skeptic, Vice President Biden.

9. Now that he's convinced most people birth certificate is real, and his citizenship is real, he can devote his energy exclusively to faking his patriotism.

8. Establish a Facebook "Can Obama's birth certificate score more points than his jump shot?" page.

7. Work on damage control with despondent liberals who thought birth certificates can't be given to divinity.

6. "Ok , Israel, I showed you mine, now you show me your right to be here, or so help me All......ahhhhhhhhhhahahaha.....ha.......oopsie!"

5. Prove Michelle is qualified to combat childhood obesity by disclosing her artificial butt implants to the right-wing Girther movement.

4. Conduct a scientific study to determine to what degree did birthers cause global warming.

3. It doesn't matter how much Trump asks, the only proof of a college education Obama will be willing to show anyone is his handling of the economy.

2. Send a "thank you" gift basket to Adobe.

1. Direct his staffers to start Photoshopping his budget.