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The Video America Needed To See Before Electing President Obama

All I can say is Bill Whittle has outdone himself again. His videos are becoming some of the most important contributions to conservative discourse that can possibly be offered. Can anyone imagine what 2008 would have looked like if we knew even 25% of the information in this video at any point during the campaign? And this is just PART 1!!!

Birthers should take notice that he doesn't even touch the issue of his birth, which (depending on how reasonable you want to be) may have finally been put to bed today since the White House FINALLY releases a copy of the long form birth certificate. He doesn't go there because he doesn't need to, who his parents actually are is WAY worse than where he was born.

This is explosive stuff, liberals have been accusing the right of name calling whenever we say Obama is a socialist...and little did WE know that WE WERE PULLING OUR PUNCHES!

You can bet your ass I'll be posting part 2 when it's available.