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When Voting For President...What Would Costanza Do?

It will be a long time before we will ever have another moment in politics where "I told you so" is so tangibly thick that you can cut it with a knife than the one conservatives gave the country 3 years ago when we warned Obama was the second coming of the messiah of bad presidents.

Or we could've just started with his bowling score

It's too bad we cant trade his popularity with our debt, because his numbers are dropping everywhere.

Now that we've gotten the budget out of the way, and the Dems basically won because they got to keep their deficit, we're on to the next fight. Election time!

Why not. People are throwing in, even Donald Trump wants to run, now he just needs to talk his hair into it.

Can you imagine Melania Trump as the first lady? She's probably pissed because she just wants to be left alone to do her thing as a rich New York house trophy wife, and the Secret Service can't hide her from the every attempt from the paparazzi recording the fact that she spends her days pampering herself at spas and walking red carpets. Then we would have debates over the legitimacy of making her FLOTUS cause the greater awareness for the Photoshopping of models, because her naturally 10 ass is tired of competing with the 6's and 7's that wouldn't even make the cover of Readers Digest before the dawn of the digital age.

Of course, if we the people want to go there we have to go through good 'ol Barack first. Which causes a dilemma for my brain, because even to the casual observer Obama looks presidential like a Big Mac looks medicinal.

This has caused the GOP to froth at the mouth like they're throwing a foam party, and now guys like Donald freakin' Trump, who hasn't even declared his candidacy, is being taken more seriously than the real deals out there.

I refuse responsibility for any need for therapy this might incur, but imagine if Obama is reelected....who we would look to for leadership in that point we'd be pretty desperate...

So can he win? I think he can, but it's most definitely the GOP's election to lose. Some on the right see it my way, others think it's not in the cards for the GOP in 2012.

The serious GOP candidates really need to start getting it together, because to win they need to go from un-Obama to the anti-Obama....don't just be the other guy, be everything he isn't and people will see how much better the stark contrast is from what we've got now and.................holy crap...............

I just realized a vote to put Trump in DC is like pulling a George Costanza when he started having good luck doing the opposite of every instinct he had....Trump is in no way shape or bank account the everyman presidents try to tell us they are, he has horrible horrible horrible hair, his (current) wife is a knockout, his mouth has no filter whatsoever, and he doesn't even care if it offends people. So he'll instantly reduce the deficit when we save money on his need for a PR staff.

With that kind of logic a vote for Snooki would be like taking our debt, doubling down, and winning...

Then again, we kind of went the Costanza route with Obama didn't we? I feel so lost...

Too bad Mary Poppins isn't real, if she was born here and eligible to run she'd be the perfect president because she's practically perfect in every way.

It would be a lot of fun to say President Poppins too.