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No More Fox News Doesn't Mean The Glenn Beck Boogeyman Is Leaving Liberal Closets

Liberal websites are popping champaigne at the "demise" of Glenn Beck's daily Fox News show. Their gloating is puzzling because even though his audience numbers were in decline he was still whooping all of the competition, easily...and he didn't even have a prime time slot.

If competition in cable news were little league the mercy rule would be issued half way through the national anthem being sung before the start of the game.

I know this is a crappy analogy because it's pretty clear Fox News's "baseball teams" shouldn't really be mixing with the CNN/MSNBC Bad News Bears of tee ball...but here we are, trying to provide some perspective to the gloat parade over at sites like Think Progress and Media Matters.

Am I trying to say that Beck's methods were orthodox, HA! It's actually why I liked him. That and his recognition that the true root of the nation's troubles aren't political, but spiritual, are why he's got me hooked. That's a fresh, honest perspective you don't get much anywhere else. He'll continue to bring it too, just not at Fox.

But now that he has a shrunken media footprint, I think a lot of people will go on a much-deserved Beck Vacation, and maybe never return....  he's a greatly diminished national presence for those who aren't "Insider Extreme" members at Which is a blessed, blessed thing.

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Three times as many people listen to him on the radio than Fox News AND he's got more going on the side than a flee circus using one of Michael Moore's rolls as a tent. This highlights the derraingement liberals suffer with Fox News, as if they "made" the man.

That seems to be a nasty habit of liberals, they attack personality rather than the merits of argument. That's why everyone they hate gets the boogeyman treatment. You know who's afraid of boogeymen....children.

Know who else is? That was about it. Basically, liberals talk to us like we're children.

You know who talks to adults like children....children. Know who else does? That's right, nobody.

WRONG!!! They wear diapers.

Liberals are just a bunch of big diaperless babies, and this announcement about Beck is nothing more than dangling keys in their face so they have a reason to wet their bibs about a man, who on his worst day, makes all of his liberal competition look like a bunch of Waynes World wannabes.