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Why Do We Even Have Surgeon Generals?

The fear that a nuclear cloud could float from the shores of Japan to the shores of California has some people making a run on iodine tablets. Pharmacists across California report being flooded with requests.

State and county officials spent much of Tuesday trying to keep people calm by saying that getting the pills wasn't necessary, but then the United States surgeon general supported the idea as a worthy "precaution."

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is in the Bay Area touring a peninsula hospital. NBC Bay Area reporter Damian Trujillo asked her about the run on tablets and Dr. Benjamin said although she wasn't aware of people stocking up, she did not think that would be an overreaction. She said it was right to be prepared.

More at NBC Bay Area

The article then goes on to reaffirm California officials saying the tablets are only needed for people who live in close proximity, like 10 miles, to a nuclear event.

Great, this leaves one final question: WTF do we have a Surgeon General for? What do they do? As far as I can tell they're like European Monarchs, everyone wets their pants with excitement over a title and general pronouncements about health even Charlie Sheen would know.

    Don't smoke, eat healthy, exercise, remember to breathe, Michelle is exempt from the rules, and everybody poops...will the Senate confirm me NOW!

Can the Surgeon General barge into hospital and start calling all the other doctors "soldier" and interns "privates?"

Is she even a doctor?!? Why would the Surgeon General tell Californians to buy iodine tablets when other experts say it's absolutely not necessary? Does she know something we don't?

Or maybe she has an atomic wedgie that she's about to pick out?

Sorry NOW I'm being ridiculous, and a little harsh. Clearly, Surgeon Generals are meant to perform the prime directive of anyone who wants to be an agent of the federal government...fecklessly giving bad advice to the public.