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Guess What Caused the Tsunami in Japan!

I'll give you one guess as to what some "scientists" think caused the tsunami in'll only need one.

If you're REALLY stumped go here...or read the quote below from

Melting ice masses change the pressures on the underlying earth, which can lead to earthquakes and tsunamis, but that's just the beginning.

Global warming again?!? No #$%&ing way!

Great, let me cut to the "end" where we remember that in the last two years the world has experienced record cold and blizzards. So unless "science" has study about the passive aggressive disposition of mother nature, I don't think "melting ice" caused the earth's crust to pop like a trampoline in this case.

For some time now global warming has been shifting from a real "problem" into a taking on a role more akin to something else...

Anytime there is a happening in the world that isn't easily or conclusively explained all scientists have to do is whip out the roll of global warming, tear off a piece and slap on the problem.

BAM! Issue resolved.

I should develop a game called "Six Degrees of Global Warming."