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Where Do Wisconsin Democrats Go From Here?

The GOP in Wisconsin totally stole second base when the Dems weren't looking. Who knew a few tweeks to the verbiage and you've got one of those knockout blows that you see coming but are so stunned before hand that your opponent managed it that all you can do is just watch in awe at it's collision course with your face.

Sorry libs, you've been had.

The question now lies in where to go from here, since I've only witnessed liberal temper tantrums I'll do my best to outline their options.

    Protest harder - They didn't bang their bongos enough. I know I would be willing to do anything to make that stop after 3 weeks straight, which requires no sleep, which requires giving up the pot for a while. Which, while we're at it should be .

    Hold a concert - Remember that one they did in the 90's to free Tibet? How about Live Earth from a few years ago? If you want something to overshadow the unmitigated narcissism of public union leftists nothing does it better than a rock star with a cause.

    Cry - News of their plight will reach the world a lot faster of the mainstream media didn't have to take the time to photoshop tears.

    Use permanent ink - I don't know, maybe this is already being done, but I feel that drawing Hitler moustaches on Scott Walker shows a commitment to the message.

    Call in the big guns - I know you're thinking Michael Moore was just there, I said big guns, not big 'uns. Air Force One needs to do a fly over and parachute in the teleprompters

    Recall election: They're actually going through with this one. I'll bet some rich liberal is helping bankroll it. I wonder if the pile of money they're going to get will be so huge they won't be able to see the Koch's anymore. They better make sure they make the check out to "Green with envy hypocrites," which makes for a bad fake how about "Soros's Children" instead?

    Go back to work - I got laid off TWICE in six months during this recession! I took my least you ingrates will still have YOUR jobs! Maybe if I was responsible for putting MY boss in charge I could've DEMANDED and received raises and benefits while my company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy.

What am I saying? Someone get these teabags off of my eyes, I'm clearly not seeing things realistically. Quick show me some kids frowning.