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Great Minds Think Alike, Where's WaldObama?

When I was in college I wrote a conservative opinion column for my school's newspaper (my presence prompted liberal letters-to-the-editor that accused the paper of having a conservative bias toward the NEWS, but that's a different story for another time). At the beginning of the 2004 Democratic presidential primaries I made a wisecrack about Dennis Kucinich looking like Gollum. The very next day (if memory serves) on Dennis Miller's short lived CNBC he made the very same joke (as anecdotal as this sounds the newspaper is time stamped).

I'm not saying this to claim credit for the inspiration. I KNOW that I did no such thing. I just think it's cool that people who get paid to be in the spotlight come up with the same wise-ass stuff I do. Especially when that person is a personal hero like Dennis Miller.

So this morning I learned nothing can snap me out of a newborn caused sleep-deprivation haze better than seeing headlines this morning at Memeorandum like the following:

Obama's 'Where's Waldo?' presidency

Obama’s Apparently The “Where’s Waldo?” President

Where’s Waldobama?

I had so much fun at the beginning of February with inventing WaldObama...

...and putting him in Egypt <--- and then Wisconsin <--- that I've decided I'll probably end up doing an ongoing series with him.

So these headlines of the day were pleasantly surprising. Not because I think I'm being copied, I'm just stoked to see that as an amateur I can be on the same wavelength as the pros.