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We Are Caught In The Crosshairs of A Rivalry Between Satan and the Public Sector Unions

When a company runs out of money to pay for the workers it has it gets rid of workers until they can afford themselves again. I know that sounds callous because jobs should be as plentiful as air, but they're not.

I hate to burst anyones bubble but your job isn't that important either, compared to air that is. Air sort of defies the laws of economics because its value doesn't go down with its seemingly infinite supply, it's THAT important.

In fact, it's second most important job, at the moment, is to give life...until it's done proving Al Gore wrong.

B.O. = Before Obama

Compare that to a job that's really rare, the fewer of them the more valued they are, like being president B.O.

If the country had a million presidents, being one of a million would be a lot less impressive than one IN a million. Try dividing the job into a million pieces...that puts each president in charge of one page of ObamaCare. You just can't have that because then the law would REALLY be a mess.

This is just not true with air, being one of a bazillion makes air the king of the hill of all exceptions.

That's why this fight in Wisconsin is too important for Scott Walker, and the universe, to lose.

Because it has transformed into a beast that can never be fed, the public sector unions now think they're better than air. In fact, they think we need them more than air.

They've become so selfish they don't see that money is air for an economy...only A LOT more finite. Even though there isn't any more money the unions have been so big for so long they think they can continue to grow without it, and thus dethrone air.

After decades of this air is trying to be all like, "dude, unions, wtf? If you try to spread like me everything will die!"

But air can't talk, and here we have people like Governor Scott Walker trying to be a voice for the voiceless, and the unions are like, "you're wrong buddy! Look at the state's bank account, we're not choking it to death."

The bottom line is this, air is pretty awesome, even though it's everywhere. Which is actually why it's awesome, because it gets to be an exception to the rules of economics.

When you think of it that way you'll see air is a lot like God. Then there's Satan, who think's he's better than God, and the harder he tries to prove it the more stuff he ruins.

Basically, if we draw this out to it's logical conclusion, we are all innocent bystanders caught in the crosshairs of a sibling rivalry between the Satan and the public sector unions.