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Going On Baby Watch...(With Updates, Like Today Bing Her Birthday)

I've mentioned this only a few times, so it may be a surprise to most that my wife and I have been expecting our very first little conservative foot soldier (is still it too soon to be using that "rhetoric" again?), and "baby watch" offically starts now. Our due date is still about a week away, but today for medical reasons the doctors may have to force this baby on us immediately.

When I say "force" on us, I do NOT mean it like I'm talking about ObamaCare. She's going to be way cuter than the accounting tricks used to say it reduces the deficit. She'll be way more fun than a Canadian emergency room pergatory. Everyone we know wants our baby to come, so she enjoys a 100% approval rating. She wont cost us (or you) nearly as much, and the messes she's going to make wont be anywhere close to being as disgusting as this is...

The only place that flowchart belongs in is a dirty diaper.

When she arrives, posting over the following several days will be spotty, if at all, except for maybe updates...


***UPDATES (in order of newest to oldest)***

February 15 - Today is my daughters birthday. It's not how we imagined it would come, scheduled. We thought it we were going to do it naturally. Yeah labor would be long and painful, like the shock my brain gave me when I considered becoming a Democrat in college (because they don't have brains and mine was reminding me of that), but it was important that we did it the way God intended us to give birth. We realize doctors don't order c-sections unless there is some kind of risk to doing it naturally, and her safety comes first no matter what! So we are ready for this!

At the time of this writing we are 30 minutes away from leaving for the hospital, so I better get off this keyboard and go get ready. I'm sure my wife wouldn't appreciate seeing me blogging and testing our daughters pacifiers in one of her now destroyed onesies.

The wife wont believe it's my Lady Gaga costume, again.

February 14 - Since the baby is breach and the doctor says the chance of her flipping into position is very slim at this point, we have gone ahead and scheduled a c-section has been scheduled for tomorrow. So I will officially be a dad in less than 24 hours!!! I think I'll be good for one more post and then I'll probably have to check out for a couple of days.

February 11 - Wife had her fluid levels check, her OB was concerned they were getting too low to let the pregnancy continue without intervention. The levels went up from the last visit so we're good for today. She has another appointment on Tuesday. Our little girl is currently breach and our due date is the 20th, so they'll probably schedule a c-section in the likelihood she doesn't flip or have her fluid levels drop to a point that is too low to continue. Other than this minor detail we've been blessed with one of the easiest pregnancies probably in the history of man, and we're told her vitals look great. So no complaints!