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Liberal Mafia Nicknames

The criminal accusations spanned several states and several decades, encompassing figures from seven mob families, and led to the arrest of nearly 125 people on federal charges on Thursday.

There were murders, including a double homicide over a spilled drink in a Queens bar. There were the more run-of-the-mill activities associated with organized crime: racketeering, extortion, loan-sharking, money laundering, gambling and the like.

From The New York Times (h/t Memeorandum)

These guys apparently had some really colorful nicknames. Which got me thinking...what would be some good liberal mobster nicknames?

Michelle Obama aka "Fat-Free Candy A$$"

Eric Holder aka "Black Pantha Cracka Jacka"

Chuck Schumer aka "The Big A$$hole"

Charlie Rangel aka "The Slum-lard"

Al Sharpton aka "Reverend Clump"

Harry Reid aka "The Pink Taco Stand"

Nancy Pelosi aka "The Broomstick Jockey" "Grossie Pelosi," and "Ajar Face"

Joy Behar aka "Rude Dude" and "Mama Crass"

Janet Napolitano "The Al Qaeda Diamond" aka "Right-Wing Blame Gamer"

Al Gore aka "CFC" aka "Climate Fire Crotch"

Hillary Clinton aka "Shrill Pill"

Bill Clinton aka "Dress Messer"

Barney Frank aka "Dong Bonger"

Michael Moore aka "King Hippo," "Flabba Jaba the Hut," "Wide Shot" and "The Lens Crap"

Bill Maher aka "The Atheist Nose God"

Helen Thomas aka "Mama Maher," and "Prescription Beer Goggles"

Joe Biden aka "The Scholar," "The Brain Dust," and "Gaffey Taffy"

John Edwards aka "Johnny Crappleseed"

Barack Hussein Obama aka "Hope Dope Smoker," "Teleprompter Romper," and "The Marxman"

So, what did I miss?