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Mourning For Tucson Has Become "First Things Last"

The tragedy in Tucson has left me feeling a number of emotions. Confusion, frustration, anger, incredulity. One thing that has been missing until the very real lives of the victims truly started to sink in was sadness, and then anger again.

This time the anger was directed mostly at the left's distraction from the fact that this is a tragedy, and a little bit at myself because of the need to indulge them and fight it.

Good innocent people died and I've been too fired up over how callously easy it has been for people on the left have been to attribute this massacre to conservatives before the blood hit the ground, to say nothing of not knowing this man's name.

I've felt a little disgusted with the last few posts. I wish I didn't have to go into this subject matter in the way that I did. I don't regret them, nor do I take back a single solitary syllable because they were purposeful.

The left is using the deaths of innocent people to launch a brazen attack on the concept of free speech in order to silence rhetoric it doesn't like by tying it to a massacre, which as far as anyone can tell was fueled by psychosis and not politics.

I'm not going to list the examples of their hypocrisy, which are encyclopedic at this point. I'm also not going to detail how totally bankrupt the merit of their logic has been. I've done so too much over the last couple of days. While I recognize that the assault, and the lies, and the bottomless pits of liberals that should be filled but shame never will be will continue to carry on almost unabated, my point has been made.

"Progressive" liberals lecturing the nation on political rhetoric should be doing so while staring into a mirror, not television cameras. If there was anything that went beyond a point that is "beyond the pale" they discovered it on Saturday.

I will never stop fighting this type of barbarism. I will never stand by and say nothing as it unfolds before me, but I'll never relish fighting it either, because in the end it is a growing symptom of a societal disease that is much bigger than this tragedy.

There is no hell hot enough for people who do what Jared Loughner, sane or not, did. Those on the left who have attempted, and continue to attempt, to profit from what he did need to know the thermostat is only a couple a couple of degrees cooler for them....maybe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims of this tragedy, and saying so is two days overdue. If you haven't had a chance to see who these real people who died on Saturday are you can do so here.