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Beware of Liberals Who Reside in the "Center"

Daley's selection was immediately hailed by business groups. But reaction among liberal Democrats was more mixed, with some predicting Daley would bring a breath of fresh air to Obama's insular White House operation and others fretting that the new chief of staff's centrist politics herald a shift to the right in Obama policies.

From Politico (via Memeorandum)

Has the left already forgotten the election? Incompetence wasn't defeated, like in 2006, this was about ideology. I'll never expect the left to stop plugging away at American Dream, but they can at least try to know when they've been beaten?

Personally, when I hear anything about Democrats moving to the center thats when conservative loins need to be girded harder than Biden starting a sentence with "I've been thinking," because that's when you need to start hiring the food tasters and checking for booby traps. These people would make it illegal to center text in Microsoft Word if they could (don't even get them started on the 'impossibility" of "right justify")

They don't live in the center, they don't even visit it, what you're seeing is just their reflection....coming from a telepromter...

Besides, you never want to deal with the center of anything that's rotten to the core.