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Is Hawaii's Governor Dining On Kenyan Spaghetti?

 A privacy law that shields birth certificates has prompted Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie to abandon efforts to dispel claims that President Barack Obama was born outside Hawaii, his office says.

State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that privacy laws bar him from disclosing an individual's birth documentation without the person's consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday.

"There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president."

More at Yahoo

The problem with the birthers is that they are so fringe that nobody takes them seriously. They're simply not numerous enough to develop the clout to force the issue. That said, I'm not a birther and the whole thing is starting to look suspicious to me. I'd bet I'm not alone...

To be sure, the birthers will never be satisfied regardless. However, this should be a really simple task. Obama, with the power of the presidency at disposal, could end this with the snap of a finger. It's really interesting that he simply wont do it. This isn't the same as Bush's refusal to talk about his drug use. This is much deeper than that.

At this point it really looks like Abercrombie is getting a heaping helping of Kenyan spaghetti...

Kenyan spaghetti

I originally posted this art here...

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Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" Replacement

Piggybacking on my previous post.

Keith Olbermann's Countdown Replacement

If it's tough to read you can click the image to see a larger version.

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Goodbye Keith Olbermann

We hardly knew ye...mostly because we were tuning into Fox News instead of you. Thankfully the blogosphere is around to let us know the latest is on all the clowns over at the MSNBC circus. If not for that we probably would've thought the cancellation of "Countdown" would've meant the retirement of the Count from Sesame Street.

From Hope 'n Change

Keith Olbermann says bye to MSNBC

Don't let the whore hit you on the way out Keith! Or do let her...I don't know, maybe thats how MSNBC "personalities" roll.

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Conservative Satire Headlines January 21, 2011

Poll shows Mike Huckabee's lead for GOP nomination disappears after voters are asked to say "President Huckabee."

Poll finding liberals likely to support Huckabee over Obama explained by excitement to use the "Buck Fush" wordplay on him.

Hawaii's governor says his search of Obama's birth certificate will continue as soon as he completes the paperwork required to obtain a passport.

Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC to pursue an opportunity with a cable access channel, larger audience.

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Liberal Mafia Nicknames

The criminal accusations spanned several states and several decades, encompassing figures from seven mob families, and led to the arrest of nearly 125 people on federal charges on Thursday.

There were murders, including a double homicide over a spilled drink in a Queens bar. There were the more run-of-the-mill activities associated with organized crime: racketeering, extortion, loan-sharking, money laundering, gambling and the like.

From The New York Times (h/t Memeorandum)

These guys apparently had some really colorful nicknames. Which got me thinking...what would be some good liberal mobster nicknames?

Michelle Obama aka "Fat-Free Candy A$$"

Eric Holder aka "Black Pantha Cracka Jacka"

Chuck Schumer aka "The Big A$$hole"

Charlie Rangel aka "The Slum-lard"

Al Sharpton aka "Reverend Clump"

Harry Reid aka "The Pink Taco Stand"

Nancy Pelosi aka "The Broomstick Jockey" "Grossie Pelosi," and "Ajar Face"

Joy Behar aka "Rude Dude" and "Mama Crass"

Janet Napolitano "The Al Qaeda Diamond" aka "Right-Wing Blame Gamer"

Al Gore aka "CFC" aka "Climate Fire Crotch"

Hillary Clinton aka "Shrill Pill"

Bill Clinton aka "Dress Messer"

Barney Frank aka "Dong Bonger"

Michael Moore aka "King Hippo," "Flabba Jaba the Hut," "Wide Shot" and "The Lens Crap"

Bill Maher aka "The Atheist Nose God"

Helen Thomas aka "Mama Maher," and "Prescription Beer Goggles"

Joe Biden aka "The Scholar," "The Brain Dust," and "Gaffey Taffy"

John Edwards aka "Johnny Crappleseed"

Barack Hussein Obama aka "Hope Dope Smoker," "Teleprompter Romper," and "The Marxman"

So, what did I miss?

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A Government Work Simulator

I don't know how it was done, but there's a website that was engineered to provide a two minute window into the work day of a government bureaucrat. If you mess up, it makes you start over until you get it right. Check it out here

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The President Opens Up on Health Care

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Conservative Satire Headlines January 20, 2011

Democrats complain the proposal to cut spending by 2.5 trillion in 10 years is yet another reckless GOP scheme to undo the hard work of the last 4 years.

Biden attempts to confirm media speculation that political winds are changing at press conference announcing his farts haven't smelled for weeks.

Michelle Obama retires Let's Move initiative, citing it is too much work for her taste, refocuses energy on proliferation of Spanx.

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The Constitution's "Pursuit of Happiness" Clause

CNS News quotes Democratic Congressman from Georgia, John Lewis...

"Well, when you start off with the Preamble of the Constitution, you talk about the pursuit of happiness," said Lewis. "You go to the 14th Amendment--it's equal protection under the law and we have not repealed the 14th Amendment. People have a right to have health care. It's not a privilege but a right."

More here

Maybe he's right, if the pursuit of happiness is the burden we place on whether or not something should be a right then there are a few other things we should mandate as rights under the happiness clause....




A Harvard education

Cell phones

Video games

A date with Megan Fox

Free pizza when Michelle isn't looking

Forcing Biden's resignation

The View, starring Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and....that's it.

Banning the use of "reform," "progressive," "dollar," "America" and any other word liberals have ruined.

Wipe out the remainder of Chris Matthews's audience by hiring them to be cameramen for some other show

Legally changing Joy Behar's name, because she isn't one.

Abortion on demand if doctors can determine the fetus isn't actually alive, aka Larry King Syndrome

Allowing hardware stores having a broom purchased by Pelosi check for a valid pilot's license.

Not allowing Congress to convene until they win a round of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader

Sarah Palin going green by liberals pushing her so hard she turns into the Hulk

Those would be a good start...

Wait a second, if the government forces me to have anything, am I actually pursuing or is it being forced down my throat. Maybe we should change the preamble of the Constitution, to make Congressman Lewis happy, to say "Life, Liberty and the guarantee to be Righteously Gagged."

The only obstacle to this change is the fact that " Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is in the Declaration of Independence.

Is this what Ezra Klein meant when he said the Constitution was hard to understand?

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Michael Moore's Next Movie To Be On Paternity Test Accuracy...

Jaba the Hut is Michael Moore father

Awww look, he even has daddy's mannerisms...

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