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Tea Party Is Racist like Keith Olbermann is Popular

Idiocracy was Mike Judge's warning about getting news from MSNBC <wink>

So Keith Olbermann...the Butthead to Chris Matthews's Beavis...came to a startling epiphany about the Tea Party on Monday during the "Special Comment." portion of his show. I wonder how this got designated special over the rest of the show, to me its a miracle he gets a chance to say anything with the number of viewers he has.

I'm actually reasonably sure more people prefer to watch Nigerians competing in olympic curling than watch Countdown

The video below runs a bit over 9 minutes...and isn't for the faint of heart, and by that I mean if you get a heart attack from laughing too much you should probably skip to the most relevant portion of why this post exists and go to about the 5:50 point, because thats where it gets really good.

When I told my wife about this video she managed, in one single solitary sentence, to rebut all 10 minutes of a rant that Olbermann probably spent his entire weekend writing when he was taking a break from looking at himself in the mirror. She didn't say anything groundbreaking that has never been realized before, but its brevity highlights a brilliance that contrasts how hard Keith had to work to be so stupid. She said:

"You can never simply disagree without being called a racist."

Its not about spending trillions of dollars we don't have, its not about socialist programs that have created inferior economies in the countries that institute them, its not about a health care system that even the leaders of Canada don't want for themselves (much less our own politicians), or about the fact that Obama its trying to channel Neville Chaimberlain in trying to "negotiate" with intractibly insane nuke seeking radical Mus-....ahhrm...."violent extremeists".

We just hate black people? Wow, for a long time now I thought I hated crappy leadership...what a revelation!

I could launch into the formidable list of black leaders who are conservative, or point out the fact that many Republicans/conservatives gave Obama a chance to prove himself over pulling the lever for McCain....or I can let Olbermann's idiocy, and my wife's brilliantly astute response speak for themselves.

Quick! whats 10% of really pathetic?

That said, I wonder when MSNBC is going to start paying kickback money with their profits for all the free attention their shows get on sites like News Busters and YouTube.

For my're welcome Keith, just doing what I can to let people know morons like you get television shows.

Its a double edged sword for them, if they were ever able to get rid of the conservative sites that blast them they lose their opposition, but they'd also lose about half of their viewership.

In this case for Olbermann what we don't know can't hurt him.

As for his question "where are they?" Maybe he needs to fire his optomotrist because his glasses are clearly not working properly for him. (Roll over glasses-less Keith to see what I mean)

Someone needs to tell Keith that the problem with trying to monologue people into submission is they can change the channel...

And as long as you continue to insult their intelligence they will continue to do so...