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Don't Let Economically-Illiterate 'Progressives' Take Your Umbrella!

I recently broke a rule I made for myself to not get into fights with liberals on Twitter. Engaging in Twitter fights reminds me too much of what it must've been like to be a supporter of Obama in 2008:

wut? r u 4 real? k bai!

It's too hard to think in complete sentences, when it's over you have this overwhelming feeling of guilt and regret and a longing to have that time back, and actual literacy is optional.

One of the canards I had to deal with in my debate with them was this notion that the tax cuts "didn't work" and therefore it was "time to end them." These Nobel winning economists in waiting never actually offered anything other than that as a reason the GOP was wrong to make the extensions permanent.

We are allegedly NOT in recession, and yet unemployment remains dangerously close to double digits. At this point, making the tax cuts permanent wont serve to stimulate the economy. It will serve to not cause a double dip recession. Job creation can't take place when everyone knows, or even anticipates having more of their money taken away. It's SO simple.

The left believes it simply isn't true. In my Twitter fight they said I was wrong without a shred of evidence or even an attempt at logic to refute common sense.

All I could do was continue asking point blank how an economy can create jobs when the wherewithal to grow demand is cut off at the knees. This is the "progressive" intellect my stupid question was eventually deflected with...

@SteelersGurlie to job creation..grants and loans to small business.

This was my response....

@TheLookingSpoon I see TAKE their money and then LOAN it back to them for jobs, LOL

This is what we're up against!

The GOP needs to explain itself to the nation like they're talking to a bunch of economic illiterates, because that's what they are (especially the "progressives"). People think the tax cuts didn't, or don't work, and they need to be set straight like Barney Frank at a slimy gay goblin party.

Basically the recession at the beginning of President Bush's term in office was like a little rain storm. The government gave you an umbrella (that was yours to begin with) to "borrow" so you can still go out and do all the things you weren't going to do in the rain but for the umbrella.

The sun comes out and you don't need the umbrella anymore, but you don't have to return it for a few more years so you hang on to it in case it rains again.

After a few years of sunny weather you notice a storm is coming, and this time its really bad. Like its raining cats and sub-prime mortgages bad! The umbrella is useless because its starting to flood. So all you can do now is accept that you're going to be soaked, turn the umbrella over, and hop in 'cuz its now a boat thats going to keep you afloat until the flood waters subside.

You're not happy, but you're keeping yourself afloat. All of a sudden some jackass in a helicopter (she lost her private jet in a different kind of flood) comes along and tells your time to "own" the umbrella is up and to fork it over. That you'll drown without it is not her problem because her face is a flotation device.

There will be other moments where compromise is a necessary evil, this is not one of those times. Congress needs to know that even with a paltry two year reprieve we can't give up the umbrella when murky waters remain beneath us.

I know there are those out there who think extending the tax cuts will create a whole new storm. They're partly right, only because there's a difference between the real raindrops of recession and the class-envy fueled tears of crybaby know-nothing "progressives" that also require an umbrella for protection.