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What About the Gaffes Liberals Constantly Make?

Everyone knows about Sarah Palin's "North Korea allies" gaffe but if you haven't heard it you can check it out here.

I'm not interested in entering the unbelievably ridiculous fray that is going on with this. Except I will say that you lefties damn well know she meant South Korea, she said "North" a number of times before that (in the correct context) and when it came time to talk about South Korea she still had North on the brain. We all have done this before, and to pretend she didn't know the difference... about as childish as it gets. You should really knock it off, because on its face thinking people wont ever believe your take on this.

It's not like she believed there was television in the 1920's when FDR was president like Vice President History Major up there.

That said where's the media on all the gaffes liberals make on a regular basis? Including, but not at all limited to:

God Bless America - talk about a violation of the separation of church and state (which is in the constitution if some hippie with magic markers finally got near it long enough to write it in). Don't even get me started on the ignorance behind such a jingoistic statement, as if God would only bless America were he to exist.

The Pledge of Allegiance - Why are you putting your hand over your heart? It better be to make sure there's still nothing there...

We must work to make abortions rare - Oh yeah, that's exactly what Planned Parenthood endorses Democrats and pays its lobbyists to argue for, irrelevance.

Fighting for working families - Nothing shores up your voting base better than making sure those who provide the revenue stream for their handouts are tricked into thinking you care

Peace is patriotic - Why? Because you don't like war? So basically reacting to things we don't like is patriotic? I fast for 3 days so I can make dry heaving noises when I know I'm going to listen to Obama THAT patriotic?

I oppose Prop 8 AND gay marriage - Except in cases of rape or incest...huh? Wait...time out, nose is bleeding.

That depends on the meaning of "is" - Let help liberals out on this by using it in a sentence....Is you smart enough to be in charge of the health care system?

If you're liberal and you're infuriated by this I want to make something clear. Not ALL liberals think this way, but ONLY liberals think this way.

If you're that exception then you're probably actually for thought.

h/t to iOwnTheWorld for the image