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Pelosi Retains Her Face...uh...Place As Leader of the Dims

Democrats elected Nancy Pelosi as their minority leader on Wednesday, but only after a brutal two days of arguing behind closed doors and a 150-43 vote that revealed a bloc of disgruntled Democrats to be firmly in the anti-Pelosi camp.

Pelosi’s win as Democratic leader was expected, but the bumpy ride was perhaps the greatest challenge to her authority since she claimed the speaker’s gavel four years ago. Pelosi defeated conservative North Carolina Democrat Heath Shuler, who ran for minority leader saying, “We need to include others in leadership.”

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For the sake of the conservative blogosphere I have to confess, I'm relieved. Heath Shuler seems like a nice guy. Do you know how long it would take to find something to skewer him on?

Ok, probably not that long...but still.

In the end it's nice to see liberals didn't compromise on their value of rewarding failure. See the 2010 election cycle was not a year totally bereft of victory for them.

Lastly...Congrats. Speaker-elect Boehner! We'll be watching you and your new congress very closely.