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Caption Fun: What's Going On With Biden?

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so lets find a few of 'em...

Biden looks like the Joker

When I a was a boy my teacher asked me to spell "plagiarism" and I said you tell me first, then I'll tell you...

Did you know you can't star 69 a text message?

No no, this is how you say it...."why so socialist?"

Did you know the red phone in the Oval Office isn't for Batman....or phone sex?

Barney said I can be his fruit fly!

Farting makes me sound smart!

Nancy had me at her Botox party, can you tell I just had my cheeks done?

My hairplugs tickle!

I think my eyes are smiling too.

Even though we lost the House Barack said I can still have a puppy!

Comment with your best shot(s)!