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Random Thoughts On Election Day

I'm here for the Restoring Sanity rally! No, I'm NOT 3 days late.

I hereby declare this election day Operation: Kick Dem Asses!

Obama thinks Republican's should sit in the back of the bus..I understand why, I just think its weird they would put the steering wheel back there.

Schumer is getting ready to replace Leader Reid...altogether now....WHATS UP CHUCK! Wait, thats not right.......oh yeah, its LETS UPCHUCK!

Will Pelosi's tears dissolve her tissue?

Looking for help from up above?

Maybe he'll see the light tomorrow...

If a Democrat falls in the Congress and nobody is there to hear it, does Hillary still cackle like a cat in a blender?

Will Barney Frank finally be left behind, or will he win and get some celebratory left behind?

Did you know the parking lot where I parked to vote is not just home to registered Democrats, it is one too?!?

Harry Reid is right, Obama is like the miners....before the cave in.

Looks like Nevada is about to bet it all on a different kind of red than what they've been getting with the Dems.

Only because I want the Senate too...Go McCain.

Christine O'Donnell is a good witch, Pelosi is a bad witch, and Osama bin Laden is a sand-witch. (h/t to the great John Pinette on the inspiration for that one)

I hope Al Franken is watching the returns for Dems so he can finally see what a joke really is.