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Democrats Don't Know How To Count

In 2000 the senate was split 50-50, leading to an arrangement that would have the GOP "sharing power" with the Democrats, not unlike sharing a prime rib dinner with a grizzly bear...

In 2001 newly re-elected Vermont Republican Jim Jeffords's testicles crawled back up inside him because the air in Vermont is really cold and Al Gore hadn't made global warming hip and trendy yet so he couldn't lie to himself about how warm he was. Since he no longer had a pair he had to become an independent, and this gave control of the Senate to the Democrats...

In 2002 the GOP took back control of the Senate and gains were made in the House because voters figured out that if someone wants to go to war with America then Americans should probably be in charge of the country...

In 2006 voters were given the choice between Democrats and a bunch of wieners dressed like Democrats, and they chose the Democrats.

History? What the hell was everything before it?

And as they say...the rest is history.......who came up with that saying? It sounds like something Biden would invent

My calculations show that the Republican Party, during the Bush presidency, was in total control of the government for about 4 years.

Why does this matter? Maybe I'm crazy, but I think an important tool in "fixing" the economy should be a basic understanding of math...

The fact is that this White House and the Democrats in Congress have been focusing on jobs. To focus on jobs, you have to fix the economy first, which the Democrats did. And as important, Democrats have tried to focus on those who have been hurt from eight years of neglect. What does that mean?

It means 16 different tax breaks and supports for small business owners, who were neglected by the Republicans for eight years.

It means making student loans more affordable by cutting middleman subsidies, which had been growing for eight years.

It means passing a patient's bill of rights to control insurance costs, which have been growing for eight years.

It means investing in solar and electric cars and alternative energy, which has been neglected for eight years.

Then, it means curtailing deceptive banking practices, which have been getting worse and screwing consumers for eight years.

And it means providing tax breaks for middle-class Americans, who have been squeezed for eight years.

If you like reading Democrat diatribes that make your nose bleed you can read the rest of Hilary Rosen's Obama is fixing GOP's economic mess<---here

Nevermind the "Duh"NC talking points that don't actually say anything real, much less prove any point. This illustrates the perpetual droning that all Dems want to say "we got screwed for 8 years by the GOP" when they were in control of Congress for almost half of it.

No wonder the economy continues to tank under their leadership, how can these morons count money when they can't even count years?