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VP War or Mid-Term Distraction?

A tantalizing notion has gained steam around Washington in recent months: President Obama will toss Vice President Biden off the ticket in 2012 and replace him with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The most recent perpetrator of the idea was Bob Woodward, who said in a CNN interview Tuesday that the possibility is "on the table." The logic, according to Woodward and many others - mainly pundits - is that Obama could energize the Democratic Party in 2012 and install an heir apparent for 2016 if he engineered a job swap between Biden and Clinton, thereby making the most of his former rival's stratospheric approval ratings.

But there's a problem with this scenario: Despite all the chatter, no one has offered any evidence to suggest it's true. The White House, not surprisingly, flat-out denies it.

Read the rest at the Washington Post here (via Memeorandum)

Of course the White House denies it, a change like this always puts a president in a position of weakness reserved for bowing to foreign leaders.

Are they crater seeds?

It also telegraphs to the world that there is truth to the worry that Biden has been nothing but a distraction from the seeds of hope being sown by the president over the ash heaps of our debt, and health care, and national security.

Hillary is saying no too. Why wouldn't she want to put herself in a win-win situation like that? If he wins in 2012 she is set up to be the heir to the Dem nomination in 2016, if he loses she's out of a job no matter what.

Its not like she'll be allowed to have more power anyway. Its just a ruse to trick Dems into thinking something big is being done. It doesn't matter who the VP is when the idiot in charge remains the same.

This whole thing had to have started because someone was going through the White House annonymous suggestion box and found...

This job sucks! Would you make her VP already? Sincerely, anonymous Joe.

And now the rumor mill is churning.

I don't know, I'm thinking this is really meant to distract from the impending paddle thrashing thats about to meet the Dem's ass. Either that, or they're trying to ignore the other suggestions in the box...

Can we please use more than one square of toilet paper again?

If you haven't made the institution of President ugly enough, may we suggest solar panels on the White House

When's recess?

When are you going to plug the damn hole?

(Its been a while since the box has been opened)

Please stop divot testing your clubs on the east lawn

Give America a chance to see your brilliance without the teleprompters.
Sincerely, annonymous Hillary

Can we start using the limo for trips to the store, Air Force 1 needs a rest

This place blows, I'm gonna go run for mayor

Why do they look like they came from a fortune cookie? Where did these really come from?!?