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So Now We're Not Endowed By Our Creator?

I know this has been passed around quite a bit already, but if you haven't seen this you're in for a special treat.

Well how 'bout that?

via iOwnTheWorld

Ann Coulter put forth a "theory" on Obama's religious beliefs that I've held for sometime myself, that he is in fact probably either agnostic, or (as Ann has put it) is just flat out atheist.

America's problems aren't political, they are religious. The downward spiral of our gradually becoming more liberal on social issues is the symptom of that. I know there are a lot of conservatives who would disagree (much less liberals), but even David Patterson could see the direct correlation between our gradual turning from God, or at the very least His principles, and the growing violence in American society being coupled with our tolerance for the destructive social forces that cause it.

That's why its ridiculous to debate the politics of items such as gay marriage, and why even though I have a very concrete position on that issue I tend to stay out of it. If someone doesn't see the moral delinquency of same sex relationships you can't merely argue it out of them.

So can moving to peacefully religious, gay-free Iran

Only Christ can change their hearts on such matters.

His choice to selectively leave The Creator out of his quoting the Declaration of Independence was extremely intentional, I just wish I knew exactly what his intention was. Either it's to lead America out of what he perceives to be the crutch of Christianity, or maybe for him acknowledging God makes him more uncomfortable than Barney Frank taking his turn at "spin the bottle" in a sorority house.

In the end I don't care what it is, I've opposed his presidency since August 3, 1961, so its not like I need yet one more reason to throw him out on his ass two years from now...