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Ken Mehlman's Glass Door

So former RNC chair and Bush campaign leader Ken Mehlman has come out of a closet that apparently had a glass door because it seems to have been the most open secret ever.

Now he's apparently expected to become some kind of poster boy for why the GOP should finally sign on to gay marriage. Which is an argument I'd much rather have than talking about ObamaCare, or our impending national bankruptcy, or anything consequential really. Why save the country when you can obsess a little more about sex?

Here's a compromise...he can be chief decoration officer for the 2012 RNC. Maybe now the GOP will get it's much needed pizazz.

Ooooh! Scratch that! He can be Prince of Pizazz!

Or Pizazz Czar!

Picture this for a TV show pitch.....Queer Eye for the Right Guy

He could even spearhead the Republican gay outreach under the banner: Red White and Fabu!

He could explain why some gays are JUST FABULOUS and others are

Barney Frank

I don't wanna know

What a whole new world for conservatives!....Does saying pizazz a lot make know?

Seriously though why does this have to be a story? Did Ken think we needed to make his sex life a national discussion? I should have actually titled this post "Somebody Needs Attention."