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The Wisdumb of Biden

There's the wisdom of Confucious....

and then there is the wisdumb of Biden....

Biden say....

Everyone say ObamaCare for you...NO HE DO NOT!

How do Barney Frank become Congressman, dinosaur extinct!

When Halloween come don't suggest Barack dress up like USA citizen.

Hillary pant soots suits because she is girl.

Botox a lot, but Pelosi wont tell what it say.

Obama tax hikes are a big f**king steal.

I say FDR was on TV in Great Depression, I wrong, TV don't have feelings.

Obama make America prison so Democrat can be hope on rope.

I never plagiarize, I don't even know rules of game.

Anthony Wiener need tell Barney it just his name.

Mrs. Biden say too much stimulus hurt her bottom line.

Barack should only fight terrorist after he learn to beat daughters at Stratego.

Hair plug tickle Cheney's brain, I don't have same problem.

I not know Tea Party not birthday celebration for Mr. T.

When Barack vacation, freedom vacation too.

Fox News like kid in school who remind teacher forget to give homework

Barack tell me as Vice President chain of command is Him, Michelle, Nancy, Hillary, Cabinet, Congress, all Governors, Sasha, Malia, Mrs. Biden, ladies on The View, Lindsay Lohan, THEN me...then China.

Approval ratings should be like golf score so Barack feel better.

I could see the potential for people being offended for mocking a Chinese persons broken English...I want to make clear that's not at all what I was doing


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