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Oliver Stone in Context

It's not news that many Hollywood elites like Oliver Stone are apologists for, if not downright friendly to leftist dictators, and are more than likely commies themselves.

Now Oliver Stone latest documentary intellectual snuff film "Secret History of America" seeks to put guys like Hitler and Stalin "in context." (according to this Newsbusters post)

If you want to place bets on how many days will pass before I will buckle down and watch that fine piece of cinema, I would take the over on that.....WAY OVER. Even then you still might lose, because I don't how your bookie would be able to gauge the over on eternity.

The only movie I remember seeing of his was World Trade Center, and that's because watching it didn't propel me into some leftist twilight zone. At this point, however, I think there is only one other Oliver Stone movie I would ever plunk down stimulus money for the rest of my time in this life....

It may be hard to read, if so, click the image to see it at full resolution.