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Forbidden Obama Utterance List, aka FOUL Language

Forbidden Obama Utterance List....(FOUL) language that cannot be uttered in the halls of the White House. If I missed any, add them by commenting below:

Billion dollar deficits - see "the new surplus"

Birth certificate - as any Obama supporter will testify, Obama wasn't born, he always was and always will be

BP - "British Petroluem" must be pronounced in full, otherwise he will get it confused with "b*tch please," his typical response to suggestions he may be wrong

Fox News - Obama thinks they're not a real news organization because they're convincing the country he's not a real president.

Freedom - "dumb" is the last syllable of the name....'nuff said!

Hussein - Do you ever wonder what President Obama's middle name is? Suddenly, so does he.

Oil - Probably the most recent addition to the list, he's really tired of Biden "slipping" up and saying "Oilbama"

Radical Islam - the proper term is "violent extremists", lest we send Muslims into a tizzy that causes them to build nuclear weapons. "Violent extremeists" may be also be used with people who miss their morning coffee, people who suffer from road rage, and Republicans.

Right Guard - President B.O. really hates that brand of deodorant for some reason

Taxes - the biggest shocker of the list, Biden lobbied hard for this one, I think he meant Texas

Tea Party - Reportedly prefers to call it the Pee Party because they keep "raining" on his parade

The new surplus - any budget that can account for ObamaCare being repealed