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Riot Police Score Card: Illegal Immigrants 1, Tea Party 0

I'm the son of an immigrant. My dad and his family had very little when they came to North America, but the navigated the system and became American citizens...more importantly than that he AND my grandparents became American.

What kind of twilight zone did we enter where it was controversial to criminalize illegal immigration?

Thats what Arizona just did, and you would think if you listen to liberals that the state just turned into some kind of conservative San Francisco. Requiring strangers in this land to identify themselves (this doesn't mean they are not the contrary) used to be part of the American way.

Now media like CNN are trying to claim the state is now polarized as if some racist fringe thrust this on the population like it was ObamaCare. Meanwhile Rassmussen finds 70% of likely voters favor the bill.

If Republicans controlled 70% of congress right now...they would repeal Obamacare, watch Obama use his veto pen for something other than sketching new ways he can work his logo to the most innocuous of wOrds...and then they would vaporize his veto.

Fox News - reality + fairness doctrine - freedom to choose = Cable news ratings winner

But at CNN 70% favorability of opposing illegal immigration is "polarizing." This can only mean that Nobel prize winning mathematicians work at CNN.

Compare the Tea Party to the people protesting Arizona's AB 1070. Arizona has needed riot police and have been making arrests against protesters who being hailed as "mostly peaceful".

Cuz thats how REAL domestic terrorists roll.

This of course is contrasted with the the totally peaceful Tea Party, who don't even lay a finger on Nancy Pelosi while she rubs the impending passage of ObamaCare in their faces, and yet earn the title of Timothy McVeigh Jr. from the likes of Bill Clinton

A lot has been said about the Tea Party taking similar tones, and just about none of it is provable. However, we do know that liberals via websites like have set out to pose as Tea Party members holding misspelled signs and engaging in bad behavior to make them look like the thugs in Arizona.

I've been witnessing these kind of shenanigans since I started paying attention to politics as a teenager, yet the audacity with which the liberal leaning news media tries to just flat out rewrite reality never ceases to amaze me.