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The Tea Party Scares The You Know What Out of Liberals

I think I have an idea about where the left is coming from in its latest strain of character assassination the Tea Party has had to endure lately...

Tea Party scares the crap out of liberals

How about brains for brains?

I'm obviously kidding around with regards to this has never been proven that liberals have crap for brains....

I know its kind of gross, but I'll go there because cartoonish poo isn't nearly as disgusting as the media's double standard on the Tea Party movement against the Federal government's liberal agenda that seems to be slowly lurching into Leftist-land.

You'll never see an editorial accusing bandanna clad black shirted thugs smashing windows at economic summits and screaming platitudes about corporate greed, war for profit, and their GOP lapdogs (in their opinion) as being William Ayers's apprentices, but the media has no problem linking house-wives with signs demanding that government get a grip on spending to the likes of Timothy McVeigh.

Either the left is operating on the insidious motives of stoking the flames of fear and encouragement....


They're just flat out scared stupid by the fact the Tea Party's message is working.

For the record I think its both.