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Happy Tea Party Day!

If you told me a year ago that the tea party was going to be the movement that it is today I might not have believed it.I didn't think it was a passing phase or fad, but I just never expected it to sustain itself let alone actually organize.

Just when one would think the country is circling the drain of a White House toilet nick-named The Constitution, this truly American movement carrying the torch of truly American values explodes with nuclear fury over the nation and scares the poop out of liberals....or as I like to think of it, the Great Liberal Brain Drain.....

......I probably shouldn't be in charge of history books anytime this century.

Or maybe I should...for the last year liberals have dedicated so much of their media to painting the Tea Party as a bunch of dumb hicks who can't spell anything right on their signs (affectionately called teabonics).

UPDATE: It should be noted that there is very well founded speculation these signs are the product of liberal infiltrators instructed to make the party look like a bunch of buffoons by sites like


Now the media is trying to paint them as a bunch of "well-educated" rich people.

If this brazen attempt to rewrite their script weren't so annoying I would be more concerned about such a weird admission coming from the political ideology that spends its time asserting it is the smartest person in the room. If these "dumb hick" teabonics speaking conservatives are better educated than the "general public" then where does that rank the intelligence of liberalism on a scale of 1 to teleprompter?

Either the Tea Party is stupid as or its smart. Whatever liberals want to label them one thing they definitely need to do is pick one and stick with it for once.

They did the same thing to George W. Bush, who was simultaneously the dumbest and most evil genius of a president we've ever had. They never know what they actually believe. They just know they hate conservatives and will SAY ANYTHING to get others to hate them too. Which begs the question if they actually know what they stand for in the first place.

Hope isn't a political policy?

It must really unnerve liberals that the Tea Party doesn't have any ambiguous one syllable tag line that can be made to say anything and nothing all at once. Their signs may be misspelled but at least they actually say something real.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Check out the Contract From America here to see what I mean.

Since liberals seem to understand symbols better how is this for a pretty picture?

Happy Tea Party Day!