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Health Insurance In Every Pot

Q: How does Ben Nelson sleep at night after voting for this bill?

A:If he's in Nebraska...with one eye open.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

let me try that again......

Merry Christmas to all...except for 60 constitution usurping schmucks...all 60 59 of which shall remain nameless.

I guess this is really a lesson to us all, we get the government we ask for. I'm already shopping for next years Christmas present to myself....finding ways to get these people out of office.

Public opinion was against this passing, not one honest account of the cost showed that the bill will actually reduce cost or the deficit. This Christmas the Democratic Party has just shoved a huge lump of coal down all our throats.

Nice visual...Hey will the new law cover black lung?

This is not over yet. We now need regurgitate that coal and shove it back in their faces like the dogs they are going number 2 on Uncle Sam's favorite rug....and then we need to make sure that when the dust does finally settle we the people are the last man standing.